Darkhorse Acquires MLBB Giant Slayers, 5 Red Army

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

As part of an effort to break into the esports competitive scene, a newly revamped Darkhorse recently acquired Mobile Legends team, 5 Red Army to join their cause of rising to the top of the ladder.

Sporting a track record of defeating veteran teams such as GeekFam and Axis Bosskur, the roster aims to level the playing field by setting their sights on the next season of MPL MY/SG.

The Horsemen:

Muhammad "Inferni" Saiful bin Aujang

Muhammad "Sepat" Irfan bin Aujang

Muhammad "Anip" Haniff bin Abdul Rashid

Wan "4Meyz" Usman bin Wan Imran

Muhammad "CooL" Aizat Bin Aujang

#AgainstAllOdds #Uprising #SampaiJadi #GerakanLokal

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